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I have a very large passion for art and I hope to create inspiration and an emotional escape with each piece that I develop. I graduated from AIC with a BA in Media Arts and Animation in 2009. I am currently a 2D animator at bieMedia, Denver CO

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Posted by 471472 - November 2nd, 2013

I am working on a children's book (picture book) called "Imagining Monsters" Its about a little boy that is afraid of the dark but uses his crazy imagination to change the scary monsters in to what ever he wants. I am hoping that my love for all things monsters and my creepy artwork translates well.

I am very excited about this project as this is the first one that I am attempting on getting crowd funding for on KickStarter. I hope the people check it out and love it as much as I do! enough to become a backer and/or pass the word along to as many people as they can. Wish me luck and please let me know what you think or if you have wisdom or advice as the countdown continues...

Over the last few years being on NewGrounds I find this to be my favorite creative site so I look forward to your comments. :)

KickStarter Project

Check out my project on KickStarter

Posted by 471472 - June 6th, 2013

I have had to explain to several people that art is a skill and not just a talent. I am often asked "what is the difference between the two?" from people that can't draw a simple stick figure. I tell them that you are born with "talent" however talent will only get you so far in the art field. If you have passion for art it becomes a "skill" through training, practice and determination. You have to better your "skills" just like any other job out there. Be it lawyer, teacher, doctor etc.

Reasons and stems from this thought:

1) The main problem is that some artists refuse to take their "talent" to the next level, low balling (asking for little to no money) on jobs and only help in preventing mental growth in our society. These same people use art as a "hobby" but venture in to professional jobs to supplement income. An example would be a person buys a camera and calls them selves a photographer or a person that downloads Photoshop and calls themselves a digital painter. You wouldn't buy a course book on health care and buy some knifes and call your self a surgeon. I learned very much from college and no amount of self teaching would have gotten me this far. Yes college only takes you so far and you must push your self to go beyond the material. However with out this basic material I would not be where I am today. Plus most jobs in art require a BA for good reason. If you are going to ask for money meet the industry pay standards or at least learn them so as not to low ball.

2) The art industry is full of people that hire artists that thinks that art is a "talent" only and they feel that they shouldn't have to pay due to their lack of natural born talents. They may also know nothing about the industry in which they are hiring and just looking to cash in on the next big game/animation. I heard over and over "this better be the next angry birds or I will have to let you go!" Resulting in low pay and unreasonable deadlines making for poor quality games that I am embarrassed to take ownership of. Beware working with these companies! Most claim to be startups, but they are only considered startups within the first 2 years not until they hit it big in game sales. It seems like a large part of our industry are made up of these founders that don't know any thing about the industry they are competing in. Another example of this is the restaurant business, watch an episode of "Kitchen nightmares" that will give you a good idea of what I am attempting to explain.

3) Unpaided Internships or Portfolio builders are a big issue in our industry. Beware the chronic internship companies, startups and or joe shome off the street. Companies that are enrolled in college internship fairs, often hire college students for free work and have no intention of hiring them later. As soon as one quits they hire the next intern to replace them. Startups usually produce low quality work and you learn little to no studio practices. They are disorganized and not all employees take work experience seriously when the company has no credentials. Joe Shome is looking for some thing for free aswell "I am in a band / writer and if you make a music video / comic book for us it will benefit us both." Sadly these are more common then any of the others. All for different reasons but all resulting in free work done by you. I have fallen for this sadly when I thought it would "Benefit my Portfolio". In the end it results in issues regarding ownership, copy right, limiting your rights and even with contracts they can be disrespectful and demanding as if they were a paid client instead of a partner. More heart ache than it is worth in my opinion. Its best if you do portfolio builders on your own.

4) Desperate artists and workers over seas. We have all been there we are needing to pay the bills and are willing to take a low ball job or low ball our selves in order to get any income. Sadly this is a horrible cycle as there is always some one willing to low ball due to this reason. So clients expect to get jobs done for little to no money as a standard. Over seas workers is a very large issue in our industry and can be seen more clearly on sites such as Odesk.com. Artists are asking for hourly rates of $2.00 for a job that a person that went to college here in the USA was taught to ask for $15 to $25 an hour starting. I would say about 95% of clients care more about budget and in result sacrifice quality of work. However the ones that do pay are the studios that produce great work and benefit the most.

5) There is a growing cycle in our society that teaches our youth that art should be free not only in visual art but in music as well. This goes far beyond downloading. Even as I was working as a caricature artist I had a Father of a young boy try to guilt trip me in to creating one of his son under the premiss that artwork should be free. He believed his every word and was teaching his son the same fundamental. Here is a current example of this belief: The Chicago SunTimes just fired their entire photo department advising their writers to take photos with their iphones, or "Life of Pi"where VFX artists (Rhythm & Hues) went bankrupt even after the movie grossed over billions of dollars.

If we don't change the way our society thinks I am unsure where art will be going. There will always be a desperate artist needing to make ends meet. A college student that needs an internship for experience and college credit. But I challenge all artists to do your best to educate your selves and others around you to stop the cycle. I worry it maybe to late.

I have added this long winded rant to my news feed as I hope that people can learn from my mistakes and make good choices as not to hurt our industry further. You are an artist don't low ball your self no matter if you are a hobbyist, college student, new graduate, experienced professional, or a studio owner.

Posted by 471472 - November 28th, 2011

http://www.rawartists.org/view-artists /userprofile/Caslynn

I am working my self to the bone I decided to make all new artwork to display and finish a 3 minute animation on top of that. I am used to pushing my self to the limits but this is ridiculous.... lol whats sleep any way. But I will make sure to post all my work as soon as the gallery show is over. I cant wait for people to see my animation most of all. I have had it in the works for about a month but have changed to a crazy deadline of 3 weeks to get it done for this gallery show. I will keep every one posted if they care to follow.

well wish me luck, people in the Denver Metro area should come and see the event. Its suposed to be really cool with live music, art, makeup, fashion, film, and any thing that fits under the term artist. It may even be a good place for other artists to try for, they are in all the major cities.

I am so excited for my first really gallery show Dec 15th

Posted by 471472 - February 14th, 2011

WarLake - Aden VonWick short

I am super excited that the project that I have been working on has made an even more creative leap. Kevon and I have decided to use a new material and build the armatures in a new way as well. we have created some amazing armatures and the set for scene one is coming along finally. Although I am happy the new creative direction that the short is taking, it has set us back in time.... As soon as I am ready to send out for music and voice overs I will contact the artists as soon as it is ready. Sorry for the delay, I cant wait to show more of the progress as soon as we have developed it.

Stop Motion Progress

Posted by 471472 - January 9th, 2011

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Sadly I don't own any of the rights... :( But the experience is nice. If any one gets a chance to try it the game is called EPIC DIVE let me know what you think of it. I have hopes to make my own games in the future. Oh, and I didn't animate the trailer, another person did that. but I did all the in game animations.

My first game as a 2D animator came out on the iphone Dec 24th

Posted by 471472 - October 7th, 2010

Its a game called Kinetic balls 2. can be played only on the iphone. but it has a lot of my original pieces of artwork. Some I had a hard time parting with. If you don't have an iphone you should check my work out on my site. MY WEBSITE let me know what you guys think, I cant wait for every one to see it.

my first game that I worked on got released

Posted by 471472 - June 9th, 2010

WarLake This is the new link to the site... I can wait... we have a few more weeks of testing then we are going to shoot scene one.

Stop Motion Aden VonWick

Posted by 471472 - May 17th, 2010

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This is my demo reel that I graduated with on Dec of 2009. The Maya scene needs a lot of work... was kind of thrown together in about 4 weeks. But I think every thing else is worth viewing. Hope you liked it.