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Although I liked this I am not sure WIP is a good thing to post here on the site. You may consider posting this in your news posts instead.

xaalster responds:

ok...People post them here all the time haha

Great animation but horrible editing and timing.

It was beautify animated I just feel like there needs to be more... it feels like the beginning or a larger untold story? Great work for your first animation.

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I think people are forgetting the fact that this is is a Ludum dare game. Meaning that it was created in 48 or 72 hours mattering on which challenge was entered.

I too entered the challenge and it is not an easy feat to do programing, art, music and story in such a short amount of time. There is no time for play throughs or even second guessing your self.

I say ignore the bad comments, they obviously didn't read your game details to find out the time constraints.

I say wow, great work!

Dreauw responds:

Thank you :D

I was attempting to get all the rewards and I found a few bugs in your easy and hard modes. In the easy mode there is a zombie that is like the super hero zombie for a period of time... the orange zombie with 60 percent attack and defense. It later become coded correctly, but I would look in to it. Also In the hard mode the funds freeze and then jump up largely/end the game with the negative... mattering on which amount the funds freeze at. I think if you correct these bug issues this could be a very fun game... Thanks for sharing.

imcomplete tutorial

I really liked the concept and artwork. but i really do have to point out like some have already that the tutorial is incomplete. you told us how to do every thing but one thing... were do the cats go, what are we supposed to do with the cats once we got them with the string. I lit mine on fire trying to put them in the pumkin and even tried throwing them out the side of the screen. This is an important thing to have in a tutorial. other wise people will get frustrated and give up..... like i did

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I like it

I really like this image, however I thought I would give you a fresh eye on what I noticed was slightly off. Her eyes threw me off at first. noticing that one eye goes in a slight but again noticeable different direction. Secondly that her shoulder is to far away from her neck on the right side (distance from neck to shoulder and also due to the position that you have her body, noticed from the breast over lapping the arm.) lastly the thigh on the left side seems a bit off it seems flat when your eyes pass by the short skirt. I hope this helps you grow as an artist. :) and again great piece! with those corrections you are sure to get a 10 out of 10 from me in the future.

Is popular corny???

Hey this kind of work is longed for. especially with guitar hero and those sorts of games leading a new form of gamer industry. I say keep up the good work, there is a high demand for concept artists for games like this. cheesy? corny? NOT... as long as people choose to want to see it. We need artists to concept them as well. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Impkid responds:

XD thanks for the support dude! really.

wheres the meaning?

If you were going for shocking at least take the time to show some meaning and talent. Not only is your subject a bit off but you didnt even take the time to make sure that the anatomy was drawn correctly. her nipples are way to high and so are her breasts in relation to her neck, and she has a man butt. Also you might as well of just draw a large penis with nothing else. You can do better than this

I have a very large passion for art and I hope to create inspiration and an emotional escape with each piece that I develop. I graduated from AIC with a BA in Media Arts and Animation, I am currently a 2D animator at my own studio DeadOn Studios.

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