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Check out my project on KickStarter

2013-11-02 20:25:47 by 471472

I am working on a children's book (picture book) called "Imagining Monsters" Its about a little boy that is afraid of the dark but uses his crazy imagination to change the scary monsters in to what ever he wants. I am hoping that my love for all things monsters and my creepy artwork translates well.

I am very excited about this project as this is the first one that I am attempting on getting crowd funding for on KickStarter. I hope the people check it out and love it as much as I do! enough to become a backer and/or pass the word along to as many people as they can. Wish me luck and please let me know what you think or if you have wisdom or advice as the countdown continues...

Over the last few years being on NewGrounds I find this to be my favorite creative site so I look forward to your comments. :)

KickStarter Project

Check out my project on KickStarter


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2013-11-04 06:24:42

Will do!

471472 responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil every little bit counts! :)


2014-05-02 02:54:54

Glad to see you in action once again (new music video)! I'm sorry the Kickstarter didn't go off well. It seems it takes a fair bit of exploitation/numbers to get anywhere online. Tom just made a blog post about his recent run-in with FB's paid fans system.

471472 responds:

lol good to be back! No worries about the Kickstarter I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. I will be trying again in the future. However next time I think I will do my comic book or have the children's book finished first.

I haven't heard any thing about the paid fans system on FB that sounds crazy?! will have to look in to that.

Thanks for you comment, it brightened my day


2014-05-06 00:32:10

Oh you're welcome, you're worth it ;)

Odd (kinda), I just sent Tom (Fulp) a few Asterix comics. Hopefully it's a good read to his two blonde boys.


2016-06-22 15:06:53

Ugh, I must've gotten de-fanned in the past 2 years.. there's a limit of 1000 fans/subscribers per person, and I'm sure I went over it. Glad you're still producing some things... I wasn't a big fan of the new Mad Max movie, the 2 lead characters had no chemistry, the flick itself seemed purposely 'internationalized' for ez viewing... and I didn't see one (1) Chinese person :O

How's things IRL, family happy, healthy, drama-free?

471472 responds:

Glad it see your still a fan even though you hit your limit :P and you noticed it was my work. It means a lot, as I have been told recently that my name on here sucks being its a bunch of non memorable numbers LOL

Things are going good IRL.. I haven't been on here in quite some time because now I have little ones and time is a rare thing now a days. But I hope to make it on here more again, I have lots of projects I want to finish up and am determined to do so.

Katknip Meowed Manx is an animation I made with some co-workers at the studio I work at. I wasn't a large fan of the new Mad Max movie either, I grew up with the older movies so I had too many expectations. But when my co-workers pitched the idea of making a parody trailer, with cats it seemed funny enough. It even lit a fire under me to re-watch it and I did like it better when I pretended it had no connection to the first movies.

Next one is a parody of the new star wars, I like this one much better, probably because I like the movie more :P ... The animation is due to release this month, just waiting on the last two scenes.

How have you been? It is great to see some familiar faces on here again, I was worried every one would be gone.


2016-06-23 03:06:50

Ah I'm in rough shape, but still walking and talking, no worries.

You can post a thread here saying 'request username change' http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/forum/3 or here https://www.newgrounds.com/account/editprofile if you want to. If only there were a hyphen 471-472, might make it more memorable?

Oh so it's more than one little one now, congrats! Completely agree with your 2 movie assessments, which means I'll likely like the SW parody! I saw the 1st one in the theater a few months(!) after it opened in 1977, complete bummer, as everyone there had already seen it, I could barely hear it :p